About Passionate Innovation

PassionateInnovation (PI) delivers innovation coaching, workshops, talks and bootcamps. It not only owns but also uses and teaches the PILOT Innovation Process.

The company has grown with people and associates who all share the PI mission to make Innovation, Creative Thinking, Open-minded Collaboration, and especially innovative Open-Minded Management be a normal part of business/organisational life.

The company's vision is that Innovation becomes second nature everywhere. It doesn't get talked about. It happens as a matter of course.

30 years ago "quality" was all the rage. We were all implored to improve it and we all thought we knew what it meant (and all had very different ideas). But we did not know enough to do it alone.

Slowly industries learned to make "quality" work. Today quality processes are endemic and the word quality is rarely heard.


Our vision is to achieve the same for Innovation. Today the word "Innovation" is heard everywhere. And everyone has a different view of its meaning.  Many confuse it with invention. They think it is the idea and not the implementation.

Our aim is not just to widen the understanding of innovation but to get everyone to do it. Do it at work, at home, on holiday, with family, with friends, with strangers. To help others do it too.

Innovation is a journey that needs passion. Passionate Innovation is on that journey.