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New this year:

The "AWAY HOUR" Interactive Innovation Workshop

For all your people - or for a selected team

You know that innovation is not happening in your organisation but you are unsure just how to change it?

How can you release the ideas and passion in your people without taking silly risks with the bottom line?

How do you start the process of building an innovation culture?

It's simple to start an innovation culture.

Simply run an "Away Hour" innovation workshop.

Run it early, run it at lunchtime, teatime or in the evening. You choose.

You give us a relevant business issue to address; perhaps "How can we sell more of product X? How can we cut the costs of service Y?

We use the PILOT technique with your staff for them to come up with amazing ideas and to decide on the ones most likely to succeed.

All in 1 hour !!!

It's a short time but all the more exciting when they see what they have achieved. They will be amazed themselves at how well they do and they will be inspired to carry on and do more. After all innovation is not just a great idea but the whole journey to get it implemented successfully.

Your people will not just be looking at new products or new services. Innovation is as much about better ways of doing things; better ways to collaborate internally and externally; better ways to get good ideas into practice!

They won't get all that done in an hour but, in those first 60 minutes, they (and you) will see the birth of an innovation culture in your business; they will see the first faltering but exciting steps; and they will see an inspiring future.

Get them started. Get them away for just one hour.

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