Looking for innovation to grow your business?

Innovation is the process of creating good ideas and putting them into practice to grow your business ahead of the competition. It's quite a journey - but it always starts with new thinking and new ideas.

At Passionate Innovation we believe that by working together with others everyone can think wider, can share further and can achieve amazing things. It's not just the leader who should be having new ideas but the whole team.
We bring diverse people together (both inside and outside your organisation) and help them to connect, think and act. Passionate Innovation inspires dreams and gives serendipity a chance! We develop your people to action new ideas, to open minds, to ignite team collaboration and to build an ongoing and exciting innovation culture into your organisation.

Research has shown that "innovative firms are twice as profitable (on average) than other firms" (Managing Innovation by J.Tidd, J.Bessant, K.Pavitt, 2005)

Good and great ideas come from being open-minded, positive and curious as well as exploring new concepts without preconceived limitations or fear of ridicule. We help make innovation happen. Innovation helps you grow your business.

Where to Start

Passionate Innovation facilitates and runs a range of events and services including workshops, innovation mentoring, Peer Groups with Passion and a wide variety of talks and seminars including the AWAY HOUR a management/team experience. They are all stimulating, interactive & fun!

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The Process

Passionate Innovation has created three processes that link together to form an integrated business innovation management system. PILOT and CO-PILOT are our powerful innovation processes and ROOMSOURCING, which actively brings people together.

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Who we work with

We work with companies, universities, schools, community groups and public sector organisations; indeed we work anywhere there is passionate innovation to release! Learn more about Nigel Biggs, Speaker, Consultant, Innovation Expert at Passionate Innovation.

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