Valentine's Day: Challenge Assumptions!


I walked into my local M&S today, Valentine's Day, and was greeted by an acre of flowers, nearly all red and nearly all roses. And probably all about twice the price as last week - I didn't check.

I had already bought my wife some flowers yesterday and, yes, they were roses but they were white roses. My wife loves white. White flowers, white bedding, white (well a bit-off-white) walls and white decorations on our Christmas tree. I love red and she still puts a token red bauble on the tree somewhere. Oh she loves me too!

The Valentine's tradition is lovely and, especially for young hearts, it's a great opportunity to be romantic.

But why always red? OK it's passion, it's blood, it's our pulsating heart driven by raging hormones. But not everyone likes red.

Does everyone give a red Valentine's Day card? And red roses?  Of course not but the great majority go with the flow. They follow the "tradition" of red hearts and red roses.

Some people find different ways to say I love you.  And some even do it on days other than 14th February.

Some people just think differently. And some people see differently.
Does different make it more attractive?  As in different products or services? As in different ways of doing things? Different packaging? Different colours? Different feel?  Different is not necessarily better but it's a good start to think about it. Do you take time (or give time) for people to think differently in your business?

Next time you rush out to grab red roses or a red card for Valentine's Day just take a moment to think, to challenge the traditional assumptions.  Ask yourself "what could I do differently? What can I give my lover, partner, wife, husband (*delete those not applicable!) that could mean even more"? There's no need to go to Tiffany's (yet).

White roses could be just the job!