Nigel Biggs, Speaker, Innovation Expert

About Nigel

Nigel began his career as a graduate software engineer, project manager and client manager in the UK and for five years in Germany. He started his business at age 40 in software development and later in online photographic retail.

Nigel and his team led the world on a few innovations and not always successfully but they did float the company. Nigel has been entrepreneur-in-residence at the University of Surrey for eleven years, he is coach/mentor to SMEs and an innovation advocate and consultant through his company Passionate Innovation Ltd.

He is an Associate Member of the Professional Speaking Association and was a main stage finalist in the national “Speaker Factor” competition for 2015.


Innovation is about doing! Really doing! It is thinking up your great idea AND then actually telling someone! Work on it together – and tell more people. Get feedback, get excitement, get momentum!

But then actually DO IT! Don't fall into the whirlpool of ever more thinking, ever more variation on your ideas. Even worse, ever more trying to out-think the customer.

START something NOW so you can show others what is possible and get real feedback from the market.

Share your vision. Inspire your customers.  Excite your company. Believe in you!

That message is at the core of Nigel’s belief and at the heart of many of his talks and workshops and has been practised for over twenty years in the businesses he founded. Inspire the people and your business will grow!

Business Advantages

• build effective teams
• grow a positive “can do” culture
• allow people to try stuff out, to take risks
• drop the fear of failure, turn it into learning
• see setbacks as steps towards the vision
• understand short term costs for long term success
• build people’s skills and confidence
• establish collaborations across groups, drop silos
• build staff morale, loyalty and recommendations

Innovation Ideas and Action should be everywhere by everyone

• think about new products or services (not just incremental)
• think about new markets or untapped niches
• think of better ways of doing things; production, service, marketing etc.
• better ways of managing people, better HR
• letting staff talk/see/interact with customers more
• involve everyone from cleaners to executives