Pilot: the innovation process

There are numerous excellent books and guides on innovation, on creative thinking, idea generation, brainstorming, lateral thinking and so much else. But where do you start?

At passionateinnovation we have developed an easy-to-follow process covering all of this that is both relevant and simple to remember - PILOT. You can follow PILOT yourself or use an experienced facilitator to inspire your team.

The PILOT innovation process is simple and easy to remember.

P - Pursue the Problem

I - Input Ideas

L - Locate the Likely

O - Open to the Outside

T - Test and Trial

The first parts of the innovation process are to dissect the problem (P) and generate lots of ideas (I). Too many people jump straight to the really fun part of generating ideas when it is vital to think more about the stated problem and dissect it into a number of parts or areas. This gives much better focus to the idea generation phase.

Once your group has perhaps a hundred or so ideas identified, you now need to locate (L) the best ones. You cannot discuss all the ideas (in fact you should not) but, with this process, you can select the best to pursue further.

Now, importantly, before rushing off to implement your greatest idea, check it out with a few people outside (O) your group, your department, your company, your country and so on. And even then, mock it up, test it (T) and trial it before launching on the world. PILOT your innovation. It's an exhilarating but risky business!


Easy to remember

Easy to train

Easy and fun to do