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Passionate Innovation facilitates and runs a range of events and services including workshops, innovation mentoring, "Peer Groups with Passion" and a wide variety of talks and seminars including the "AWAY HOUR" management or team experience.  They are all stimulating, interactive and fun!

Workshops are generally half or a full day's facilitation with a single team on an agreed company issue or of mixed personnel from different teams/companies using more generic problems.

Innovation Mentoring is typically a series of meetings during the innovation journey to help individuals and teams stay motivated and implement those great ideas.

Peer Groups with Passion are new!  Small groups of non-competing companies work together (and often collaborate long term) on generating their own sparks of innovation and actions to grow their businesses. Each company gets full facilitated help for a fraction of the full workshop price.

Seminars use interactive creative thinking to generate new ideas and instigate new thinking about innovation and collaboration. Many are run as breakfast events.

We also offer short talks on creative thinking and innovation in practice and we can build/run an innovation theme throughout a company conference or event.

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