What does Innovation mean and why do it?

Innovation is the process of taking new ideas and putting them into practice. It is often a long journey which may result in a new product, a new service or a new way of doing something but the journey always needs a new idea to get it started.

And where do the ideas come from? Well they come from open-minded people. Sometimes from your people alone, sometimes from chance meetings, sometimes from deliberately asking a wider audience. And that is just what we did at the launch of Passionate Innovation (see video).


The generation and capture of ideas is fundamental to the innovation process but that is not where the process begins. Ideas are rarely created in a vacuum; they are attempted solutions to a problem or a need. The first step of the innovation process is to define, explain and pursue your problem. The PILOTTM innovation process starts there.

Why innovate? Why not continue just as you are? 72% of companies in a recent survey said "to increase sales growth". There are many more reasons (click here).